What kind of leader am I?
What kind of leadership suits me?
What kind of leadership needs my team?
I spent too much time on operational matters and want
to learn how to delegate;
How to manage my time during working hours?
How to communicate effectively with my team, my manager and other colleagues?
How to facilitate the development of my employees?
How to obtain full cooperation of my team?
I am a skilled manager but want to develop more soft skills
in leadership.

These questions can be answered in individual leadership coaching. It is about personal development in leadership and about the ‘here and now’. Reflecting on challenging matters such as motives, preferences and personal objectives enables the coachee to gain insight and to work out a strategy.

As a leadership coach I am a sparring-partner, a confidant and adviser for operational managers who desire to deepen and optimize their style of leadership.


As a trainer in Human Resources issues I develop training materials and instruments, I train groups of managers in optimizing their soft skills in leadership. Furthermore I coach groups of employees in organisational transformations and personal development.




Do I still have the right job?
I want something else but what and how?
How to find more balance between work and private life?
I want to learn to communicate more effectively;
I need to learn to manage my time, to plan my work and to stick to my plan;

These questions can be answered in individual career counseling.
Career counseling is an excellent instrument to optimize ones functioning
in a current job and for professional orientation in the future.
Career counseling results in gaining insight in opportunities,
constraints and an effective career policy.

As a career counselor I support employees in gaining insight
in their functioning, in optimizing their personal effectiveness
and career development.


How to build a good working team?
How to make use of the potential of all members of the team?
How to gain or maintain an open and effective communication?
How to obtain our collective goals in work?

In team coaching the focus is on patterns in behavior, individual potential,
the structure of the team, the balance of power within the team
and mutual trust. Result of team coaching is an optimal functional
team that respects itself.